Pangolin-38 High Power UT Detector


Pangolin-38/39 high power ultrasonic detector has adopted many pioneering technologies. It is used to inspect hard-to-penetrate materials, large casting, forging parts, thick austenitic weld joints etc.


The equipment integrates High Power square wave transmission, special transducer, high sensitivity, high S/N ratio, high-fidelity amplification, high-speed digital processing technologies together, thus greatly improve penetrability and sensitivity. It can be used to solve difficult problems in aviation, aerospace, heavy machinery and nuclear industry. By using hardware TCG function, multiple noise-cancelling methods and defect echo wave extraction technology, it is especially suitable for inspection of 90mm austenitic steel weld joints.


1. High Power square wave transmission technology: 500V square wave;


2. Excite special transducer, transmission power is 40 times higher than same amplitude spike wave excitation, high penetrability;


3. New-concept high-gain, low-noise receiving amplifying system: total gain 150dB, input noise only 13μV;


4. Hardware TCG function: coarse-grain material has very strong near field reflections, -60dB linear controllable attenuation can be applied. 0.5dB/s step smooth TCG curve can be made according to test piece’s characteristics; effective defect echo can be extracted by using multiple noise-cancelling technologies;


5. Gate C bottom wave attenuation: the amplitude of bottom wave in Gate C can be attenuated, in this way the amplitude of bottom wave will be fully displayed on the screen while the amplitude of defects echo wave vary according to their characteristics; thus not only the sensitivity of testing area has been maintained, but also bottom wave has been observed; when executing quick scan in big forging parts, porosity, white-points have been inspected while bottom wave has been monitored;


6. 30 meters inspection range: combined with high sensitivity, the second trip echo can be directly observed in big rotor, in-service solid axis inspection can be realized;

Suspect echo wave distinguish: in big forging part, sometimes there is suspect defect echo wave, but when we change the transducer frequency, the defect echo wave will disappear; by pushing PRF key on our machine, the true/false defect echo wave can be distinguished;


7. One-key storage: screen display or whole inspection process can be stored by pushing one key;


8. Menu preview: all parameters can be viewed on one-page display; modification or saving of parameters can be realized;

Parameter quick setting: 14 shortcuts key, shuttle, mouse and 10.4 inch touch screen, fast function selection and application.


1. Super-powerful square wave transmission, increase the efficiency 40 times;


2. Special transducer, maximum element vibration;


3. Dynamic super-high damping, 3MHz transducer echo wave only 3 periods;


4. High-fidelity, high-signal/noise ratio amplifier, Gain 150dB;


5. Bottom wave attenuation function, linear monitoring of porosity and white points;


6. Hardware TCG technology, especially for austenitic steel.


PulserPositive Square Wave, 500-600V
Pulser Leading/Trailing Edge Ascending Time≤30ns
Pulser Effective Output Impedance≤10Ω
Range5.0-30,000mm(Longitudinal Wave in Steel)
Operating Frequency0.2-10MHz, Segmental, Narrow-bandwidth
Total Gain150dB
Surplus SensitivityThe Penetrability of Pangolin-38: Working with Special Transducer 0.3C30-T, 20% Penetrating Wave Amplitude through 20mm Plexiglass, Surplus Sensitivity≥120dB, Noise Wave Level≤-100dB The Surplus Sensitivity of Pangolin-39: Working with Special Transducer 2.5C20-T, 50% Echo Wave Amplitude by 200-Φ2 Flat-bottom Hole, Surplus Sensitivity≥96dB
Depth CompensationPangolin-39 with Three-section Adjustable Hardware TCG Function
Display10.4 Inch TFT Touch Screen, 800*600 Pixels