MOS-01 Mouse Type Girth Weld Scanner


Doppler MOS-01 Mouse Type Scanner is designed for recordable inspection of circumferential above φ100mm Pipe Girth Welds and Plate Butt Welds by using Phased Array Probe.



·Uses the imitation mouse ergonomics design, the operation is convenient and comfortable.

·Encoder hidden in the "mouse" can prevent the encoder from slipping, resulting in data loss, but also enhance the life of the encoder

·"Mouse" is equipped with four strong magnetic wheels and torsion spring, which can make the phased array probe and the workpiece surface closely adhere to ensure the coupling effect.

·It can change the clamping direction of the probe at 90 degrees, compatible with "left and right scan" and "front and back scan".



Range Circumferential   φ100mm~Flat 

Dimensions   95*85*65mm 

Encoder Step   51.6 Step/mm 

IP Level   Ip67 

Operating Temperature   -10℃~50℃ 

Wedge Width Range   32~48mm